As a Santa Barbara Clean Energy customer you will have access to valuable incentives and programs! These perks may save you money and support your personal sustainability efforts, like reducing dependency on fossil fuels at home. 

The following programs and incentives will become available with the launch of your SBCE service!


Santa Barbara
Clean Energy Resilient

Santa Barbara Clean Energy pays you MORE for solar, wind, and green energy generation than Edison, because SBCE is prioritizing local renewable energy generation to build community resiliency.

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SimpliPhi Battery Discount

Keep your home or business running in the event of a planned or unplanned outage with a energy storage!

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Brighten Solar & Battery Discount

Build energy resilience and reliability for your home with solar and energy storage!

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BCycle Membership Discount

BCycle offers 20% off annual BCycle memberships to all Santa Barbara Clean Energy customers!

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Bunnin Clean Car Rebate

Bunnin Chevrolet is offering $1,500 cash back on Bolt EV and EUV
and $1,000 back on BEV and PHEV for SBCE customers!

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Home Energy Audit + Flume Water Monitor 

Save money while making your home safer and more comfortable through a free home energy audit and complimentary Smart Home Water Monitor for SBCE customers!

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Induction Cooktop Kits

Want to feel what it’s like to cook with clean electricity? Try out an induction cooktop first hand on us!

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