Development & Redevelopment


Changes we make to our built environment have the power to be protective of the environment, shaping a sustainable and resilient future. By adopting low impact design principles and incorporating renewable energy sources, we can minimize our ecological footprint and create spaces that harmonize with nature, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.

Solar Panels on Roof
Go Solar

Find resources and information about going solar in Santa Barbara, including on-demand permitting!

Image of children at the beach with text "Cleaner Coast Better Future"
Rebates & Incentives

Santa Barbara Clean Energy is continually developing incentives and programs to address carbon emissions from electricity, gas, and transportation.

Example of flow spreading for treating storm water
Storm Water Management Program (SWMP)

Learn about "SWMP Requirements" for development and redevelopment projects within the City, and storm water best management practices (BMPs).

Trash enclosure at the Moxi Children's Museum
Trash & Recycling Enclosure Design

Calculate the volume of waste that will be produced by your development to determine your service needs, and review enclosure design guidelines.