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The Clean Creeks Certified Business Program began in 2004, and is focused on businesses with the potential to contribute to storm water pollution. Currently the businesses eligible for the program include restaurants, automotive service businesses, mobile washers, and contractors.

The objectives of the program are to increase awareness of water quality issues and achieve voluntary compliance with clean water regulations. Participants in the program receive a certificate signed by the Mayor, along with a sticker to place in the window of their business identifying them as a Certified Clean Creeks Business. Certified Businesses are promoted online, on Creeks Division social media pages, at community events, and in local news publications.

Business Assistance Program

The Business Assistance Program provides businesses with free products valued up to $1,000 to help protect water quality. To be eligible, businesses must possess a City Business License, have been in business for at least one year, and must currently be certified (or become certified) through the Certified Business Program.

Eligibility depends on the demonstrated need for the products to meet or maintain Clean Creeks Certification. If qualified, the business can choose from a list of approved products such as drain covers, containment devices, dikes/berms, and wet vacuums.

What About Gardeners?

While the Creeks Division does not currently offer a certification program for gardeners, we are a sponsor of the countywide Green Gardener Program. Gardeners attend a 15-week bilingual (English/Spanish) course through Santa Barbara City College’s Adult Ed Program, which covers resource efficient and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. Following successful completion of the course, Green Gardeners are issued a certificate of completion and a Green Gardener card, and promoted to the public.