Electrify Your Ride


Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, make a healthier community, have less maintenance and repair, or reduce monthly fuel bills, there are many reasons to electrify your vehicle. We have compiled resources to help you understand the technologies, capture available incentives and find key information. 


Incentives & Permitting:  

There are significant incentives available drastically reducing the cost of buying or leasing an EV, often times making them more affordable than gasoline or diesel equivalents.

Illustration of an electric vehicle charging


There are significant incentives available drastically reducing the cost of buying or leasing an electric vehicle (EV), often making EVs more affordable than gasoline or diesel equivalents. 


Through Santa Barbara Clean Energy’s EV Rebate program City of Santa Barbara residents can get a $1000 or $2000 rebate for purchasing a new or used electric vehicle. Learn more about this incentive here 


The Federal government currently offers incentives in the form of tax credits for both Alternative Fuel Vehicles (includes electric and fuel cell vehicles) and charging infrastructure.  You can receive up to $7,500 tax credit for purchasing an Electric or Fuel Cell vehicle and up to $1000 tax credit for the costs of EV charging infrastructure or electrical upgrades.  You learn more about the IRS rules for alternative fuel vehicles here and about EV charging infrastructure here 


Another useful incentive finder from Drive Clean California which helps you capture all the incentives available to you based on the location that you live in and the vehicle that you want to purchase:  Drive Clean California Incentive Finder 

Permitting EV Chargers: 

The Community Development Department offers an expedited OnDemand permitting process for electric vehicle (EV) charger installation permits. Applicants are now able to apply online, pay fees, and instantly receive their building permit via email — no staff contact needed. This new OnDemand permit process is available for up to 60-amp wall-mounted EV chargers for single-unit residences and duplexes. Click here to apply for a permit.  


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