Take Action


Together to Zero can only be achieved if the whole community takes part. There is so much you can do to help move our community into a sustainable future, and we’ve gathered everything you need to learn how you can make a difference. From buildings to biking, here you can find actionable items to help decarbonize your lifestyle.

Green Building

Learn about decarbonization, electrification, energy efficiency, and other ways to reduce emissions from your home or business.

Activate Your Ride

Active transportation like walking and biking are an essential part of our community. Learn more about our zero-emissions transportation programs and initiatives. 

Electrify Your Ride

Transportation is our City’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Luckily, there are many City (and state!) initiatives to help you make your next vehicle electric.

How to Go Solar

Thinking about taking your home’s energy resilience to the next level? Have questions about how solar even works? Discover resources and tips on how to go solar.

SB Clean Energy

Santa Barbara Clean Energy gives our community the choice of carbon-free energy and supports a more resilient future. Learn how and check out our current incentive programs!


Want to invest in electrification but don’t know where to start? Our updated resource page has the financial tools you need to make carbon-free changes. Find rebates, tax credits, discounts, and more all in one place.