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In an effort to develop a Climate Action Plan that reflects the values and vision of the community, the City is seeking participation from residents, businesses, and other interested parties!

TOGETHER we can achieve net zero carbon emissions!

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Climate Action Survey

A vital first step in sharing your voice is by answering this anonymous Climate Action Survey. Insight gained from these questions will help inform the emission reduction strategies laid out in the new Climate Action Plan. Your time is valuable, so we’ve designed this survey to only take 10 minutes.
Thanks for your help!

Climate Chats – Staff Interviews

Not a fan of group discussions? No problem, schedule a one-on-one virtual interview! City staff will designate time for 15-minute discussions with community members. Inquire about the theme of the week (waste & materials, energy, and transportation), other greenhouse gas emission reduction/sequestration strategies, or the CAP planning process. Interviews will be held over zoom and will be available in Spanish.

Where: Zoom

When: Mon – Thurs 11:30a-1p  April 26th – May 26th

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Neighborhood Listening Sessions

City staff will listen to our community’s concerns, answer questions, and learn about opportunities for community-based climate action. The City is working with Climate Ambassadors and local organizations to reach all members of the City.   

Where: Zoom

When: April – May 2021

Together to Zero: Climate Brainstorming Sessions

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Together to Zero Brainstorming Sessions!

Here are a few of the ideas and feedback we heard:

    • Protected bike lanes make riders feel safe
    • Active transportation can be challenging while running errands
    • Need more public EV chargers, especially fast chargers
    • Lighting is important for active transport at night
    • Education and resources about home electrification is needed
    • Hands-on experiences with electric appliances and demonstrations would be helpful
    • Incentivize switching to electric through tiered rebates that factor in income level
    • Connect HOAs and management companies with energy resources and rebates
    • Encourage BYO – or Bring Your Own – culture through education and local business programs
    • Extended producer responsibility over the life cycle of the product and its packaging
    • Repair cafes/workshops with volunteers, guides, and tools
    • Sharing programs for tools, camping equipment, kitchen appliances, clothing, and more!

Those are just some of the great insights you shared with us. We will consider the information gathered in the sessions as we develop the City’s plan to reach carbon neutrality.

A big thanks to our facilitators, presenters, and partner, the Community Environmental Council, for making this event a success.

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Stakeholder Workshops

Insight gathered through the public idea exposition, interviews, open forums, and survey will inform stakeholder workshops. These virtual meetings will shape the City’s climate action strategies in the categories of:
  1. Energy; Waste and Water; Ongoing Education
  2. Transportation; Urban Development; Ongoing Education
Key stakeholders will be invited to these meetings, including representatives from industry, nonprofits, research, government, and community-based organizations.

Climate Camp: Nature Camp & Summer FUN

City staff will lead campers through a climate conversation to learn about greenhouse gases, climate change, and how to make sustainable choices in their every day life. Campers will compete in the “Race to Carbon Neutrality” during which they will practice making carbon-friendly decisions. Then they will be given writing and art activities for them to complete through their time camp session.

Summer 2021

Climate Camp Art & Writing Prompt

What does a carbon neutral Santa Barbara look like to you?

Write, draw, or use another artform to create your vision in YOUR CLIMATE STORY!

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