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Sea Level Rise Interactive Hazard Maps


The following maps provide projections of areas that could be affected by sea level rise at 0.8 feet of sea-level rise, 2.5 feet of sea-level rise, and 6.6 feet of sea-level rise without any action or intervention. The post current sea level rise projections for Santa Barbara are described on our Projections page.

The hazard areas shown on the maps below are only those that could be impacted or intensified by sea level rise and are limited to bluff and beach erosion, non-storm tidal inundation, storm waves, and storm flooding. There may be other impacts of sea level rise, such as seawater intrusion, which are not mapped below. Additionally, other hazards unrelated to sea level rise exist in the City which are not shown on the maps below. The United States Geologic Survey (USGS) is continually updating a model of impacts from sea level rise that now includes impacts to tidal flooding, coastal erosion, storm flooding, and ground water levels. For the most current hazard model, check out the CoSMoS Our Coast Our Model.

FEMA Flood Maps show existing flood hazard areas in the City from heavy rainfall and high ocean levels during extreme storms. The maps below only show those areas where flooding during extreme storms will be intensified due to sea-level rise and do not show all of the areas of the City that currently flood during extreme rainfall events.

Interactive Hazard Maps

The following maps display hazard types based on the hierarchy of hazard types and impact classes as further described in the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan. Areas may be subject to multiple hazard types, but only the most permanent hazard type for a particular area is displayed on these maps. 

0.8 Ft. of Sea-Level Rise (± 2030) Hazard Areas

Source: USGS, ESA

2.5 Ft. of Sea-Level Rise (± 2060) Hazard Areas

Source: USGS, ESA

6.6 Ft. of Sea-Level Rise (± 2100) Hazard Areas

Source: USGS, ESA


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