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Our community continues to experience the impact of climate change in many ways. In recent years, summer heat waves and winter floods have become part of life in our community. We cannot expect these events to stop, but we can become a more resilient community. As resilience plans come together, we cannot move forward without acknowledging that the impacts of climate change are disproportionately felt by our underserved populations.

In the face of a changing climate on a local level, the City considers every part of our community when taking climate action and building resilience. All projects have an element of equity, and some are entirely equity focused. For example, an equity component is included in every measure of the Climate Action Plan.

What does that look like?

  • A commitment to identifying real world barriers to community-wide initiatives and goals
  • Bridging the outreach and education gap
  • Centering stakeholders from underserved neighborhoods
  • Focusing on equitable access to services and programs

These commitments start now and are written into our future. As a whole community, we’re committed to moving Together to Zero.


Current Efforts

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These Efforts are Just the Beginning

Our team understands there is always more to be done in this space and is dedicated to keeping the conversation going. So, we’d love your input on how we can engage our entire community!

Do you have an organization or community group we should be in touch with? Or do you have suggestions of how we can ensure climate justice for all? Email us: