We are acting locally to minimize impacts on climate change while building a resilient and safe community for all.

Santa Barbara is taking responsibility for its role in the climate crisis. The City is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions through innovative strategies in energy, materials management, transportation, land use, and water treatment. Along with reducing its carbon footprint, the City is working to build a resilient community that can survive and thrive in the face of a changing climate.

Santa Barbara's Sustainable Foundation Map
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Currently, 44% of electricity used by the City is from renewable sources, like wind and solar. Santa Barbara Clean Energy, our community electricity provider scheduled to launch in 2021, which will help us significantly reach the City’s goal of using 100% renewable electricity by 2030!

The City is working on an adaptation plan to help mitigate impacts of sea level rise. This plan outlines efforts to reduce coastal vulnerabilities by tracking shoreline changes and taking action when defined thresholds are reached.

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The City is committed to prioritizing the use of alternative fuel vehicles in its operations. 71% of all City owned vehicles run on alternative fuel sources where possible, including 20 electric and 43 hybrid vehicles! Electric vehicle chargers installed by the City are open for public use in the Granada garage, the Waterfront, the Library garage, and the Helena parking lot.

32% of City facilities have had a waste audit and are diverting 75% of their waste from landfill!

MTD Microgrid Planning

The transit provider for the South Coast, Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD), is working in partnership with CALSTART and the City of Santa Barbara to develop a Zero-Emission Resilient Transportation Blueprint. The purpose of the Blueprint is to ensure a reliable and clean transit service for our community through measures such as electrification of MTD’s fleet and installation of resiliency technologies like a solar energy microgrid at the MTD bus yard. It also serves as a guide to aid medium- and heavy-duty fleet operators in the Santa Barbara region and elsewhere in their transportation electrification efforts.

This effort is partially funded by grant funds from the California Energy Commission and is an important step towards meeting our regional and City climate goals. More information can be found here.