The City of Santa Barbara is vulnerable to many climate change impacts, including sea level rise, wildfire danger, extreme heat, drought and exacerbated wildfire danger. In response to these threats, the City is analyzing risks and developing plans to improve climate resilience. Below are some plans the City has already completed.

The City of Santa Barbara’s Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan is underway and identifies actions the City can take to mitigate sea-level rise impacts over time. The Adaptation Plan presents a phased approach to planning for sea-level rise based on monitoring of changing conditions and actions to reduce vulnerabilities once certain thresholds are reached.

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The City of Santa Barbara Fire Department created a comprehensive City Wildland Fire Plan in 2004 to protect lives, property, and natural resources threatened by wildland fire. 

An update to the Wildland Fire Plan, the  Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), is under way! The plan identifies high fire hazard areas in the city, presents policies and management actions to reduce wildland fire hazards and impacts, and provides a framework for coordinating community-wide protection efforts. This plan is an important step in resilience as climate-driven drought conditions exacerbates wildfire danger.

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