Climate change impacts are disproportionately felt by our vulnerable populations. While our City takes climate action and builds resilience, potential impacts on these communities in particular in order to protect all of Santa Barbara.

Through fostering community engagement, thoughtful strategy development, and working closely with stakeholders, the City is working to ensure climate justice and equitable resilience for all.

Current Efforts:

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Climate Action Plan Update

Every measure in the Climate Action Plan has an equity component. The City plans to have equity and justice at the forefront of long-term decisions. Reducing the City’s GHG emissions needs to consider all communities as we plan for the future.
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SBCE Programs & Incentives

As the City continues to expand its Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE) Program, a main focus moving forward will be to grow the program and incentives for residents. Increasing accessibility for SBCE members to decarbonize will help the City’s GHG reduction goals, create a cleaner local environment, and reach people that would otherwise not be able to afford switching to electric without assistance.
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Regional Climate Justice & Equity Collaboration

The City is collaborating on a regional scale to optimize climate justice and equity initiatives in the tri-county region. Working collectively will strengthen efforts and prevent overburdening community based organizations and the community at large. Right now, the City participates in Santa Barbara County’s Equity Advisory Committee and the Central Coast Climate Justice Network. The City is always looking for opportunities to collaborate and expand outreach efforts; so if you have a suggestion of an organization, program, or event focusing on social, economic and/or environmental equity that we should know about please email us!
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These efforts are just the beginning.

Our team understands there is always more to be done in this space and is dedicated to keeping the conversation going. So, we’d love your input on how we can engage our entire community!

Do you have  an organization or community group we should be in touch with? Or do you have suggestions of how we can ensure climate justice for all?
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