Climate change impacts are disproportionately felt by our vulnerable populations. While our City takes climate action and builds resilience, potential impacts on these communities in particular in order to protect all of Santa Barbara.

Through fostering community engagement, thoughtful strategy development, and working closely with stakeholders, the City is working to ensure climate justice and equitable resilience for all.

Current Efforts:

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Climate Ambassador Program

The City is looking for residents from diverse communities to serve as Climate Ambassadors during the Climate Action Plan update process. Ambassadors will provide a critical conduit between harder to reach communities and City staff.
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One-on-One Climate Chats

Engagement looks different for everyone and for some this one-on-one setting provides a more comfortable space to share fresh perspectives on the climate conversation. This multilingual format allows the City to engage with community members that haven’t historically been able to participate through other forums.
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Regional Climate Justice & Equity Collaboration

The City is collaborating on a regional scale to optimize climate justice and equity initiatives in the tri-county region. Working collectively will strengthen efforts and prevent overburdening community based organizations and the community at large. Right now, the City participates in Santa Barbara County’s Equity Advisory Committee and the Central Coast Climate Justice Network. The City is always looking for opportunities to collaborate and expand outreach efforts; so if you have a suggestion of an organization, program, or event focusing on social, economic and/or environmental equity that we should know about please email us!
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Your Climate Story. (Youth Program)

The City is taking bold action to protect the planet for future generations. We are doing this by setting city-wide greenhouse gas emission goals, implementing effective strategies to reach these targets, and building a resilient community. Our plan relies on the voice of that future generation to share with us their vision of a sustainable, resilient Santa Barbara. 
 The “Your Climate Story” program gives kids and teenagers the creative space to envision what their future would look like in a carbon neutral world. This will not only give our team exciting ideas, but it will also serve as a way to engage the younger demographic in the climate conversation and give them ownership of community climate actions.
Teachers, parents, or caretakers may use the writing prompt as an exercise to teach the young writer about the climate crisis, climate action strategies, and community resilience. Through this activity the writer will help identify sustainable goals, hopefully inspiring themselves and their community into climate action.
This program is expected to launch in February 2021 — stay tuned!
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These efforts are just the beginning.

Our team understands there is always more to be done in this space and is dedicated to keeping the conversation going. So, we’d love your input on how we can engage our entire community!

Do you have  an organization or community group we should be in touch with? Or do you have suggestions of how we can ensure climate justice for all?
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