The City has the aspirational climate goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2035! We can do this by limiting the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere or by removing GHGs already in the atmosphere.

Updating the Climate Action Plan (CAP) will make this goal possible. The CAP will serve as the City’s step-by-step guide for the necessary actions needed to reduce GHGs across the City. It encompasses all municipal, residential, commercial, and public areas within the City bounds.

Climate Action Plan

The CAP identifies solutions to address and reduce carbon emissions generated by the Santa Barbara community. 

To incorporate these updates and set new emission targets the City is updating the CAP scheduled to be completed in 2023 with implementation starting in 2024. 

The City successfully launched Santa Barbara Clean Energy, a program that provides 100% carbon free energy to the City, we are now well poised to take the next steps to our City’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. Efforts such as electrifying our fleet, upgrading our buildings, and increasing active transportation opportunities for our community, make this goal a reality. In the next year, we will be adopting and beginning implementation of a comprehensive CAP update that provides the roadmap for both our City municipal operations and our community to reduce GHG emissions, while increasing our resilience to climate changes. This update is happening under the Together to Zero campaign of reducing GHG emissions City wide.

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The City is working on a new Climate Action Plan with an updated carbon reduction target of carbon neutrality by 2035, community-wide greenhouse gas inventory, and innovative climate action strategies.

Learn about the City’s Together to Zero climate campaign and join the movement!

Social equity and climate justice are a priority in the CAP update. Learn more about the City’s efforts here!