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Creeks Division TV Campaigns


The Creeks Division works closely with City TV to produce television campaigns to help educate the community about sources of creek and ocean water pollution, and what they can do to help! View a selection of our PSAs below, or view them all on YouTube.

"Creeks to the Beach" Campaign (2021)

The TikTok-inspired "Creeks to the Beach" campaign was filmed in 2021 with the help of over 100 community volunteer actors (and several dogs), with original music produced by local musicians Big Z n' E.C. As the song says, pollutants can quickly travel "from the people to the street to the creeks to the beach," so it's up to all of us to stop pollution at its source! 


"Everyday Heroes" Campaign (2019)


"Creekman" Campaign (2016)

"Ocean Begins on Your Street (Angel/Devil)" Campaign (2014)

"Don't Let Litter Ruin Your Scene" Campaign (2012)

"Ocean Begins on Your Street" Campaign (2010)

Regional Emmy winning TV spot! 

"It All Flows to the Ocean" Campaign (2008)

2007 TV Ads