Todas las sedes de la Biblioteca Pública de Santa Bárbara estarán cerradas el lunes, 27 de mayo en conmemoración del Día de los Caídos.

El 28 y 29 de mayo, la biblioteca de niños ubicada en la Biblioteca Central estará cerrada debido a trabajos de construcción.

Del 21 de mayo al 14 de julio: la Biblioteca Eastside estará cerrada debido a trabajos de construcción.

Los buzones de devoluciones de la Biblioteca Central se reabrirán el 10 de junio. Puedes devolver los artículos dentro de la biblioteca o visitar cualquiera de las sedes de la Biblioteca.


To encourage waste reduction, energy efficiency, and borrowing instead of buying, the Sustainability & Resilience Department is partnering with the Santa Barbara Public Library to expand their Library of Things

By providing puzzles, games, tools, musical instruments, telescopes, BCycle passes, and more FREE to the community, participants are saving money and helping to reduce waste.

Try Out an Induction Cooktop Kit

Community members can borrow an induction cooktop kit that includes compatible cookware (a pot and lid). The kit also includes a magnet to test your pots and pans at home to see if they will work with the cooktop - if the magnet sticks, you can cook with it!

Check Out a Christmas Tree

The Sustainability & Resilience Department purchased a number of artificial Christmas Trees to lend to community members, which are checked out for the holiday season at our annual Sustainable Holidays Open House.