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Storm Drain Screens

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In 2011, the Creeks Division  installed storm drain screens in nearly all of the storm drain openings in the City (approximately 1400 inlets).  The retractable screens keep trash from entering the storm drains, which lead to the creeks, estuaries, and the ocean.

The screens have perforated holes that allow moderate amounts of water to flow through while holding trash back at the curb side.  Trash that is stopped in front of the screens is picked up by street sweeping trucks on their scheduled routes.  To prevent the risk of flooding during large storms, the screens are designed to open and allow fast flowing water through.  After the heavy stormwater flow subsides, the screens swing back into place against the catch basin opening parallel to the curbside.

The catch basin screens operate passively, which make them a great solution to keeping trash out of the creeks and ocean, and off of the beaches, without adding ongoing maintenance costs to the City budget.

In addition to Measure B funds, this project was made possible by a $1.78 million grant provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, through an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board.