Santa Barbara is committed to a clean energy future. This community-wide effort will help lower greenhouse gas emissions through the use of sustainable resources, like wind, solar, and battery energy storage. The Energy and Climate Division works to bolster reliability of the local electric grid, educate the community, and improve resilience in the face of a changing energy and climate landscape.


annual savings from City energy efficiency projects since 2008.
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Million kWh

generated by City-owned renewable energy projects since 2009.

Million kWh

saved through energy efficiency efforts since 2008.
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renewable energy content in electricity used by the City.

How We Are Getting There

Solar panels

Strategic Energy Plan

This plan lays out a roadmap to meet City of Santa Barbara’s 100% renewable electricity goal by 2030. It highlights renewable energy projects, innovative programs, and strategic policies needed to facilitate our transition to renewable energy.
Strategic Energy Plan

Santa Barbara Clean Energy

Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE) is the City of Santa Barbara’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) entity. CCE programs enable local governments to purchase energy on behalf of its community. Currently, there are 19 CCEs in operation today with many more forming statewide.
SBCE will give customers the power to choose where their electricity comes from. Customers (residents of the city) will have three options: stay with SBCE’s 100% renewable electricity, opt-down to 50% renewable at the same rate as they were paying SCE, or opt-out of the CCE or return to SCE. It also allows the City to set locally relevant rates and reinvest any budget surpluses into the local community through programs, rebates, and projects.
Santa Barbara Clean Energy
Worker installing solar panels

Programs & Incentives

Looking to increase the energy efficiency in your home or business? Interested in getting solar panels and/or an energy storage system? There are many federal and state programs in place to help!
Programs & Incentives

Energy Projects

The City has increased energy efficiency and decreased expenditures through numerous municipal improvement projects. Examples of energy efficiency efforts include upgrades to HVAC equipment, new lighting fixtures, building automation controls and behavioral change.
Energy Projects
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How We Keep Track of Progress:

Annual Energy Reports

2019 Annual Energy Report

2018 Annual Energy Report

2017 Annual Energy Report

2016 Annual Energy Report

2015 Annual Energy Report