Youth Program

The City is taking bold action to protect the planet for future generations through its carbon neutrality goal by 2035. In order to achieve this ambitious target, the City launched the Together to Zero climate campaign seeking the community’s input on how to reach net zero carbon emissions. Now the City needs the future generation to share their vision of a sustainable, resilient Santa Barbara.


The “Your Climate Story” program gives kids and teenagers the creative space to envision what their future would look like in a carbon neutral world. We hope this activity will engage the younger demographic in the climate conversation and give them ownership of community climate actions.


Teachers, parents, or caretakers may use the writing prompt and art project as an exercise to teach the young writer about the climate crisis, climate action strategies, and community resilience. Through this activity the writer/artist will help identify sustainable goals, hopefully inspiring themselves and their community into climate action.

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Scientists agree that Earth’s temperatures are warming too fast. Warmer temperatures are causing shifts in weather patterns and other effects like changes in animal migration, plant growth, and much more. This warming is caused by greenhouse gases which trap heat and act kind of like a blanket around the planet. Greenhouse gases are released into the air when humans burn things like coal, oil, and natural gas to make cars, buses, and factories work. To learn more about greenhouse gases and  their impact on the climate change, check out  NASA’s Climate Kids.

Santa Barbara set a big goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2035 and it needs your help getting there! Carbon neutrality means that all the same amount of greenhouse gas (or more!) is removed from the air as is released into the air. To reach this goal, our community needs to take bold actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase greenhouse gas removal. Learn more about carbon and greenhouse gases  here and  here!

So, we need your help and vision to create solutions for a better tomorrow!

Imagine it is 2035 and Santa Barbara reached its climate goal of carbon neutrality!
What does your life look like?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Has your neighborhood changed?
How do you get to work?
How do you move around in the city?
What sticks out to you about this sustainable future?

Now share with us your vision!

You can write a short story or poem.
And/or you can draw, paint, create digital art, collage, sculpture, or diorama!

Be creative, be authentic, and have fun!
Remember, you are writing from the perspective of 2035.

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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 100 MB, Max. files: 3.
      Upload up to 3 images of your art work as either a jpg, gif, png, or pdf. These can be scanned images or pictures taken with your phone. Please be sure to include the title of the project in the file name.
    • So that we can credit you for your work please share your name!
    • We'd love to stay in touch about future Together to Zero events!

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    Thank you for sharing your vision!