Santa Barbara Clean Energy Logo

Santa Barbara Clean Energy will help the City:

        1. reach the City’s goal of 100% renewable electricity

        2. address climate change

        3. promote local economic development

        4. develop locally relevant programs

City Council voted to move forward with the implementation phase in October 2019. Santa Barbara Clean Energy is aiming to start serving customers in October 2021!

Being a Santa Barbara Clean Energy customer comes with tons of perks!

Check out our programs and benefits below!

SBCE Customer Programs & Benefits

SBCE Resilient

Customers that produce energy at their home or business receive a substantially higher net surplus compensation rate than Southern California Edison (SCE) Net Metering (NEM) Customers!

  • Customers that generate their own energy through solar, wind, biogas, and/or fuel cell generation to serve their energy needs directly onsite may receive financial credits on their electric bills for any additional energy fed back to the utility.
  • When SBCE customers produce more energy than they use, they will be compensated at a higher rate than SCE customers!
  • Supporting renewable energy generation in Santa Barbara builds local resiliency, which is a main priority for SBCE.

BCycle Membership

BCycle offers a 20% discount on annual BCycle memberships to all SBCE customers.

  • Soon Bcycle’s will be charged with 100% carbon free electricity – making this rideshare program one of the greenest ways to get around town!
  • Learn more here:

Coming soon!

  • Keep an eye out for incentives for energy efficiency and electrification upgrades for your home or business!