Providing our community with renewable and reliable energy.

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Strategic Energy Plan

This plan lays out a roadmap to meet City of Santa Barbara’s 100% renewable electricity goal by 2030. It highlights renewable energy projects, innovative programs, and strategic policies needed to facilitate our transition to renewable energy.
Strategic Energy Plan

Energy Reliability

The City is working alongside the utilities to increase energy reliability in the face of climate change threats, public safety power shutoffs (PSPS), and other natural disasters. This includes looking at microgrids, siting renewable energy, and pursuing energy efficiency opportunities.
The City is also working on energy assurance policies and procedures to maintain critical municipal facilities and services during the disruption of electricity and natural gas supplies.
Reliable energy is a community-wide effort, which means you are part of the solution!
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Solar panel on a roof

Zero Net Energy Roadmap

The City of Santa Barbara, through a project funded primarily by a California Energy Commission (CEC) Local Government Challenge grant, determined the technical, financial, and organizational feasibility of achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE) for over 100 municipal facilities. An actionable roadmap, building energy report cards, and an implementation tool were developed through a detailed technical feasibility analysis supported by comprehensive building energy benchmarking and audits, energy simulation analysis, and a cost-effectiveness analysis of measures.
Zero Net Energy Roadmap